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Our partnerships are intended to produce the following benefits for investors:

  • Cash distributions from the sale of oil and natural gas
  • Single layer of federal income tax on Partnership earnings and tax deductions for intangible drilling costs, depreciation and depletion
  • A diversified investment in multiple wells

As a Partner, you have access to Reef’s fully-integrated website. By logging into your account, you can: 

  • Review your investments 
  • Read about new investment opportunities 
  • View investor report 
  • Get daily drilling updates for all active wells
  • Change your username and password 
  • Download the latest copy of Reef's Annual Report 
  • Download active fund materials including: sales brochure, PPM and Subscription Agreement.

The Partnership’s cash flow will be affected by the price of oil and natural gas, the level of production of the Partnership’s wells, drilling costs, etc.

We have a geological and engineering staff that reviews prospects from a diverse number of geographical regions in the continental United States. We will evaluate all prospective acquisitions on the basis of their oil and natural gas producing potential, the predictability of their drilling and completion costs and their access to readily available pipeline hookups, etc.

Protecting the environment and reducing Partnership expenses are important to us. That’s why we are constantly developing new ways to bring communications to our investors online.

Why Invest In Oil and Gas

Diversifying your portfolio with investments in oil and gas can provide a hedge to protect against the impact of rising energy prices. These direct investments have the potential to be less dependent on interest rates and the economy compared to traditional investments such as stocks and bonds. Oil and gas investments have the potential to provide good returns with regular cash flow along with substantial tax advantages. A worldwide market for oil and natural gas and the promise of continuing growth in demand are why many investors should consider diversifying their portfolio with oil and gas investments.


There are significant tax advantages for investing in an oil and gas partnership. An investor could potentially receive the following tax advantages when investing in oil and natural gas:such as Intangible Drilling Costs (IDCs) Tangible Drilling Costs, Depletion Allowance and many others.

• Intangible drilling and completion costs (write-offs)
• Tangible drilling costs (depreciation)
• Depletion deductions

To view an example of the tax benefits you may get as an investor, click here.


Have questions about oil and gas investing? Visit our FAQ page by clicking here or call our Investor Services department toll-free at (888) 656-5011.

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