Privacy Policy

Visitors to the REI Energy website are not required to provide any personal information. However, to use certain features on this site, you may be asked to provide information about yourself priorto receiving secured website access.

REI Energy utilizes an online questionnaire for prospective accredited investors to provide their financial information for access to a secured website of certain offerings. When such information is requested, we provide SSL (Secure Socket Layering) encryption technology to ensure that your information is kept private and secure. At any such time you should see the SSL key to signify that you are using SSL technology (in Microsoft Explorer, the key will be at the bottom-right of the browser window).

You may request that someone contact you for more investment information in which case you will be asked to provide necessary financial and investment experience information. In most cases, the person contacting you will be a registered representative from Reef Securities, Inc., the managing broker-dealer of REI Energy direct participation oil and gas programs.

REI Energy does not transfer, sell or distribute your personal information to any non-REI Energy Companies. If you provide your email address, you may be contacted by Reef Securities, Inc., our managing broker-dealer. You may also receive an oil and gas industry newsletter which you will have the option to opt-out from following the first emailing to your address.

Our web server will log your Internet Protocol (IP) address or the IP address of your proxy server and other information related to your browser application for internal web accessibility purposes and for our own internal tracking purposes; however, personal or system specific information will not be recorded. Cookies are used to speed the login and tracking functions and in no way record personal information other than that information provided by you for the functionality of the site.

If you have any questions about the security at our web site, please send an email to